June 30, 2008

Technological Generation Gap

This started with an incident - an acquaintance of mine was panicking as her kid was traveling with her mother (kid's granny) and they were not carrying a cellphone with them. The granny was not able to understand the reason for panic as the cellphone was not an integral part of her life - whereas the next generation could not think of a day - leave aside travel - without a cellphone. This made me think about the technological gap between generations.

The need to communicate and be connected seems to be as old as life itself. However, the modes have changed over time. The new generation gives way to the newer generation! This is even more true about technology. As technology takes a center stage in our lives, communication has taken a different dimension. For me, mobiles, emails, IMs may be the way to communicate - but for the newer generation, all this is old! Blogs, SMS, MMS, online forums, communities, SecondLife/ Lively is the way to go...

I can always stand away and say that all these new technologies are not for me - my life is going on without it and I am fine. But this thought could potentially develop into an aversion towards change and new things. I believe that all of us - old or young have many things to share with each other. It is only a matter of communicating in a manner (medium and content) that the other person understands.

So, if I want to share and express my ideas and views with the new and newer generation, I have to use the appropriate medium... Else, I would be sitting and complaining to myself that "nobody listens to me" :-)

This was my little story on overcoming the technological generation gap. I will update this space frequently - so keep coming back for more...

Till then - enjoy life!
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