April 18, 2009

Some election debates finally...

All that you hear in the media these days are the mud-slinging comments of different political leaders against each other. It gives an impression that there is nothing else these leaders talk about. One would have definitely wished for a debate on issues of national importance and would have wanted to listen to what the candidates have to say.

Mr. Advani has been calling for such an interaction for a long time, but the Congress has skillfully deflected it.

One debate finally happened - not between the PM hopefuls, but among the Bangalore South candidates. There was a face to face debate organized by Infosys where
Ananth Kumar (BJP), Capt Gopinath (Independent), Krishna Byre Gowda (Congress), and Prof K E Radhakrishna (JDS) participated.

This is definitely a good sign - reflecting the changing times on India's democratic scene. One of the good things about this debate was that the candidates had to introduce their counterparts and even praise them - very interesting indeed!

Click here to read the article in Bangalore Mirror

There was also one more debate that happened some time back
on IBN Live TV Channel (it was not publicised so much) between Arun Jaitley (BJP) and Kapil Sibal (Congress). The two participants were grilled on four major issues: governance, security, economy and stability.

Click here to read the transcript on IBN Live - Arun Jaitley and Kapil Sibal

We sincerely hope that in the coming times, we would see more such interactions among candidates - a welcome break from the comments that normally flash on your TV Screens/ Websites.
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