August 28, 2010

Living with the Master - Part 1

It was the year 1995, my classmate at IIT-Bombay – Ramnik Bansal – woke me up from my siesta on a Friday afternoon. He had been asking me to attend a course to learn some breathing techniques for a year. Priding on my scientific/ analytical background, I did not find it an interesting proposition. But, that afternoon in March was something different – I still do not know why I agreed to go with him to the Art of Living course.

The intense experience of the Sudarshan Kriya and the calmness after that was something beyond my comprehension. It was an instant liking – as if I was waiting for it in my life.

Couple of months later, Bawa (the instructor) told us that the founder of the Art of Living courses – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – was visiting Bombay and that we could meet him at the evening satsang. There was a heavy downpour that day – I remember carrying my shoes in the hands, wading through knee deep water in Juhu, walking towards this temple. I reached there to find around 150-200 people in a hall, mostly dressed in white. I had only seen a small postcard size photo of Sri Sri once till then. I was looking around for him. A few minutes later, when he walked into the hall, I knew it was him.

It was an amazing state of mind. After some singing, we were allowed to meet him one-by-one and greet him. After greeting him, he gave me a hug – and it was like getting exposed an enormous energy field. The energy blast was as intense as the Sudarshan Kriya – I had to sit down immediately and it was instant meditation for 10-15 minutes.

That was the defining moment for me – all I knew was that I am not letting him go :-)

(Contd… In the next part, he will not let me go:-))
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