May 01, 2011

Living with the Master – Part 2

I still remember my first experience with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The intensity of experience continued and life changed course. It was like the train that took a small shift on the tracks and life changed forever. There was no way I was getting back on the old one… I was not the one who liked rushing into things – however, things did start changing quite fast.

I remember one of the initial benefits I got was getting through my CAT exams into IIM-A. I experimented with the time gap that should be between the Sudarshan kriya technique and meditation and starting to write the exams. It is like giving your mind deep rest and it would take a little while to accelerate and zoom… The improved intuition and faster processing of information were benefits that just came along. I was very impressed that how a breathing technique can make so much of a difference.

Over a period of time, I got to meet Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Guruji) multiple times. We conducted many courses on campus with Bawa in the two years that I spent at IIM-A. It was towards the end of my stay, I had an experience of the most powerful life changing moments – a direct glimpse into the spiritual knowledge that is infinite.

The time was the placement week in 1998. Having specialized in Finance and Operations Management, I had naturally applied to many financial institutions. I had a good resume (grades and other achievements) – but I did not even get shortlisted for many of the jobs based out of Mumbai (the financial capital of India). The others where I got an interview were a disaster – not because I was not prepared. During these interviews, I experienced the delinking of the words coming out of my mouth and what I was thinking/ wanting to talk. I was sitting there, listening to myself speak some irrelevant things.

I was quite surprised at how this could happen. I am fully there, wanting to say something and something else coming out of my mouth and I am not able to stop that.

Then on the 3rd day, came this company – recruiting for the first time in India and only from IIM-A. Job location: USA – A side note, some openings in Bangalore. Something got into my mind – made 2 copies of the resume and posted it for both these openings. Finished one round of the US interview and before the second one, the Bangalore guys called me in and in 2 minutes flat, I had a job offer on hand. I was not keen on the role that was offered in Bangalore. The recruiters were more than happy to put me into consulting and the whole process lasted less than 10 minutes. All my other friends got into the same role in US and I was destined to move to Bangalore!

I moved to Bangalore in the summer of 1998 – did my Art of Living Teachers Training program and joined this new job. It did not take much time after that for me to realize what I was blessed with! Being in Bangalore comes with so many benefits – I am sure all of us know. This was the time when some days there would be less than 50 devotees for satsangs in ashram with Guruji and big satsangs would have 200. The walks, the drives, the flights – it was an amazing time.

I realized there was not much in my control – so there is no question of me not letting Him go. I was sure that He will not let me go anywhere… and it is better this way :-)