October 10, 2016

Are you right or loyal?

What prompted Vibhishana to join hands with Ram? Why did Bhishma fight for Duryodhana? History is full of incidents where, not just ordinary humans, people with great powers had to choose sides. It is the same story today and will be in the future. When Vibhishana joined sides with Ram, Ram asked Lakshman what would he have done if he was faced with a similar choice? It is a choice between righteousness and loyalty; each gives strength and also its own ending.

Reading various stories from the history makes you realize that the turn of events could have been very different if the leaders of different times had made a different choice. It is not an easy choice and one prays that they are never faced with an either-or choice. You pray that you are loyal to the right person!

You may be bound by your word of commitment, rules, traditions, personal interests that may force you to be loyal. You may be so committed to being right and correct, that sometimes you may go against yourself too.

So, when Lakshman was asked the question by Ram, he simply replied that he knew that Ram would always be right!

What would you do? In today's yuga (era), there is often no clear distinction of what is right. Something considered right by you can be considered wrong by the other side. There may be more than one side in this tussle, each one with their own views.

What do you stand for? Unquestioned loyalty or firm resolve to be right? Each gives strength and also has its own ending.

Are you loyal to righteousness or do you believe that being loyal itself is right? One thing for sure, there is no right answer :-)

All you can ask for is 'Vivek' (intellectual discretion) to distinguish the two and allow you to take appropriate actions - something that meditation and practices like Sudarshan Kriya can help achieve.

Image credits: yourstory.com and hindufaqs.com

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