December 17, 2016

Use the ink before it dries...

If you have owned an inkjet printer, you have probably experienced the drying of ink cartridges, if not used frequently. The case is similar for a pen refill/ cartridge or paint colors. Each of these have a life span before which you have to use it, else it dries and becomes unusable.

Sometimes the inks or colors can be revived by adding water or some solvent and sometimes it can go beyond reuse. The only real choice you have is to use it or allow it to decay over time. When your usage is high, you can upgrade to a laser printer where the ink does not dry!

The same idea holds true for the skills we possess or learn. If we do not keep using those, we will lose those over time. Talents and skills have been given to us to make use of and not to keep in a show case. Many of us either do not find time or keep waiting for the perfect opportunity to use our talents. In the process, the talents become blunt and eventually go away.

The sacred texts also say that if you do not use your talents, then they would not be given to you in your next birth.

Even in a supply chain management context, we see production planners maintaining a minimum usage of old or niche technologies to keep the manufacturing skill alive. They do not want to be caught off guard when they have to produce large quantities of these products.

If the ink has dried, not all is lost :-) You can either hope that someone inspires you like Jamavanta (Jambavan) reminded Hanuman or you can go deep into meditation practices that can not only revive the parched skills, but also allow new talents to blossom. You can experience simple and deep meditation from the Art of Living here.

So, go ahead and use the ink before it dries…