June 16, 2017

Realm of many possibilities

Imagine if the human race ceased to exist and the ruins were to be discovered centuries later by a new civilization. What would the thoughts be on the way we communicated and shared​ knowledge? Given the kind of electronic technologies we use today, most of the knowledge/ information is stored in silicon chips and transferred via cables and mobile towers. If these degenerated over years, the next race would question many things that we take for granted. For instance, how were we able to talk to someone without a physical wire over long distances? How did we know what is happening in any part of the world instantly? How did we know about the galaxies and stars?

The new race would restart their journey of discoveries and inventions. It is not necessary that the new technologies would be the same as the ones we use today. In such a situation, one would surely end up believing that any earlier race/ civilization would have been very primitive and staying in forests and caves without any advancements.

Any story that survived from this civilization would be looked at as myth. Now, if we look at us today and think of civilizations that may have existed millenniums ago; are we not in the same boat? We look at how advanced the older civilizations were, from the prism of what we do today. Since we do not understand that, we label many events as myths. How did the Rishis get the knowledge of the galaxies and stars sitting on earth? How did they figure out different types of weapons? How did they store and access knowledge? Were they able to communicate real-time across the world? We do not know these answers in the same way as someone would laugh off if they were told that we store information in small chips made of silicon and metal!!! And that there are invisible waves that travel all over the world and transmit this information!

Life on this planet and universe is not linear, not even circular, but spherical - according to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. When we open up to the many possibilities that events can take, it gives us a much better understanding of life itself. While there may be some real myths, we also need to understand the limitations of what we can perceive and observe. There is a very small band of frequencies that we can see, hear, smell, taste and even feel. Acknowledgement of the limitations itself can open up the mind to 'Maybe’ and that is the first step on the journey… into the realm of many possibilities...