July 04, 2017

Water in the wave

Richard Feynman (of the Feynman lectures in Physics fame) in his first lecture asks a very interesting question - If you knew that there would be a cataclysmic end to the world and you could leave one message for the next civilization - what would that be? Something short and insightful that modern science has taken ages to figure out. While each of us could have a favorite, Feynman said the basics of atomic physics or 'everything is made up of atoms' would be a good one to leap frog generations of research (atoms here imply the building blocks of protons, neutrons and electrons).

It is not just for the scientific reasons, or to pass on to next generations. This knowledge is necessary for us to know even in our own lifetime. We now also know that matter and energy are interconvertible as given by Einstein's famous equation. The recent discovery of the 'God particle' also takes this to a deeper understanding that even the building blocks of atoms are eventually made up of the same particle.

So, at one level everything around us is made up of the same substance (energy/ atoms), yet, has different forms and uses. Knowing this brings a certain level of calmness and expansion in the mind. This knowledge is, in fact, a pre-requisite for someone on the spiritual path and is the essence of all religious philosophies. Even modern day corporate management research show that the sense of being connected to a larger ecosystem brings a high level of confidence and success.

This is one point where everything merges - science; religion and spiritual knowledge; and the experiences on the spiritual path. In the movie 'Matrix - Part1', when Neo finally realizes this knowledge, he attains peace and gets his superpowers.

As Yoga Vashishta puts it: 'Like, when you are focused on the water, you will see only the ocean and not the wave; so will a knowledgeable mind focused on the pure consciousness (Brahman) will see only It all around'. What do you see in the wave - a wave or water in the ocean?

'Now' is as good a time, as any other, to start the journey from the wave to the water. This journey, like any other, is possible only with a guide. We are blessed to have a living spiritual Master - Poojya Sri Sri Ravishankar ji walking this world amongst us. His simple breathing and meditation techniques like Sudarshan Kriya and Sahaj Samadhi meditation are a great aid along with his guiding principles of the Art of Living.

Come and experience the ocean…

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